Philips Park Cemetery

Friends of Philips Park Cemetery

Riverpark Road (off Briscoe Lane)
Miles Platting
Manchester M40 2XP
Location Map
Philips Park Cemetery Philips Park Cemetery Philips Park Cemetery

Our group, "Friends of Philips Park Cemetery" have worked hard to create a safe and welcoming cemetery where visitors can enjoy pleasant surroundings and peaceful gardens.

Philips Park Cemetery is listed by English Heritage as a grade 2 listed site on the register of parks and gardens of special historical interest in England. The 45 acre cemetery also contains a number of graves of historical interest.

Opening Times: Monday - Sunday 8.00am - Dusk

Visitors have commented on how much better the cemetery looks already. Many local people in and around this area have lived here all their lives and are so pleased things are beginning to look better in their local cemetery.

This is an area of inner city Manchester and is one of a few open green spaces people can enjoy and go for walks etc. We know from the comments people make as they're passing that this is greatly appreciated by all visitors.

The visitors to this cemetery have been coming here for many years and are pleased to see the area transformed into the beautiful place it should be. The cemetery now has sympathetic and respectful surroundings as anyone who has lost a loved one will agree.

The Friends Group has a solid track record, fundraising of over £100,000 for improvement and community engagement. Notable successes in the cemetery include the improvements of the four gardens areas via a grant of £50,000 from Community Spaces. Additionally the cemetery has also achieved Green Flag Status since 2010.

The cemetery is well attended and could be a learning environment for the local community and for the children who grow up in this area. This cemetery has such a lot of potential and 'The Friends' group have an ongoing vision for this.